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New communities! [juil. 27e, 2005|01:40 am]
// A - Beautiful - Lie \\


Hi girls... and boys if there are any!

Some of you must love 30 Seconds to Mars?

We, the French (and european) fans of 30 Seconds to Mars were proud to show you our website and our board. But now, there's a part of the "French Division" on LJ.

It may be the french division, but we don't discriminate and everybody is invited to join the community of the french_division.

Also, there are probably a few among us that love slash. So what about mixing boy love and 30 Seconds to Mars to have 30stm_slash? Yes, it's not a dream, penguin_attie did it for you.
It's age-restricted because of all the smut, so you need to be 17 or older and have your year of birth in your userinfo. Please go read the rules before joining.


echelon_ga_l & penguin_attie, doing joint promotion to avoid overloading your flist

(apologies if you see this half a dozen times, we're crossposting like mad)